About LSESU Korea Future Association

Who We Are

We are delighted to introduce to you the London School of Economics and Political Science SU “Korea Future Association (KFA), 런던정치경제대학교 한국미래단체” – the World’s Largest Student-Run Association Regarding the Korean Peninsula.

LSE SU Korea Future Association consists of a group of impassioned students who want to bring the political issues of the Korean peninsula to a larger platform where students from not only London but throughout Europe can convene to learn from each other and exchange ideas and knowledge regardless of their backgrounds.

The former one-off event (“LSESU KEPF”) has since evolved into an independent society at the LSE that not only organises the largest student-run forum discussing the economic and political issues regarding Korea in the world, but also regularly invites speakers to share their unique opinions on niche subjects such as human rights issues in North Korea.

Our events

Four Asian Tigers (FAT) – 4th December 2018

The Four Asian Tigers will focus on South Korea’s economy along those of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. By following a uniform structure of “Economic growth: past, present and future”, this conference aims to trace the growth history of the Four Asian Tigers in the late 20th century and explore different economic circumstances and perspectives that each is heading to, both in comparative perspective. The conference will also extend the discussion to considering how these economies can potentially cooperate to sustain and enhance their competitiveness in the global arena. The Forum will be organized in partnership with LSESU Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society, LSESU Singapore Society and LSESU Taiwan Society

Korea Future Forum (KFF) – 2nd March 2019

Our next forum to take place on 2nd March 2019 will be held under the general title of: “Korea’s Breakthrough: Progression or Regression?”. We hope to identify the agents that affect Korea’s position in the world stage and create a dialogue among a global audience about Korea’s development. The provisional agenda is composed of several panel discussion and keynote speeches around the themes of security, diplomacy, and the economy. This year, we are excited to come up with new topics such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, increasing trade tensions, the development of feminist movements in Korea, and much more.

East Asia Forum (EAF) – 23rd March 2019

Moreover, the world we are living in now makes us understand how working with others is more than just a choice, it is a necessity. Thus, East Asia Forum will concentrate on the theme of  “Cooperation and New Challenges” in East Asia, largely focusing on Korea, China and Japan. The forum will comprehensively discuss the new challenges that East Asia is facing and how East Asian countries can cooperate together in order to tackle the challenges. Indeed, issues concerning the three countries’ Economies, their attitude towards North Korea, History, and Social issues – Environment and Gender – are going to be considered. This Forum will be jointly organized with LSESU China Development Society and LSESU Japan Society on March 23rd, 2019.


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