Korea Future Forum

Who are welcome to the Forum?

Students from any University, degree or discipline are welcome to register. Professional tickets are valid for any non-students, alumni or industry professionals. Please visit to the ‘Register’ section to sign up.

I have purchased my ticket. When can I expect to hear further information?

We will email all attendees full information approximately one week before the Forum.

I can no longer attend a part of the Forum, or I only want to attend a part of the day.

Tickets are for the whole day and are non-refundable and non-transferable. We cannot offer any concessions if you are unable to attend any part of the Forum, or if you cannot attend.

What should I bring to the Forum?

The email you receive after purchasing your ticket is your official e-ticket. A physical paper printout of that email is needed. We do not send postal tickets. Students will not be permitted to enter without showing a photographic University identity card. This University ID card must have your photograph, your name and the name of your University on it. Alternatively, one piece of photographic ID and another piece of student ID can be used.

What is dress code for the Forum?

The Forum dress code is business casual.

Can I obtain a video recording or slides from the Forum?

We do not record videos for the forum.

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