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Asia Research Fund (ARF)

Asia Research Fund is a foundation established to promote understanding of cultural and historical issues in Northeast Asia. Its inception was contributed from both Korea and Japan, and its primary role entails financial support for academic research and exchange relevant to the Northeast Asian region. After its official inception in 1995 based on financial contribution from Yonsei University and the Nippon foundation to celebrate 50th anniversary of the end of the World War 2, various domestic firms took part in expanding the foundation.


LSE Students Union Fund

LSE Students’ Union Fund was established in 2018 by LSE SU sabbatical officers in a mission to provide LSE students with the financial support that they deserve to bring their ideas to life. The fund is centred around three pillars including educational impact, wellbeing and community building. It approves applications from clubs, societies, students groups or individuals at LSE which incorporate these three pillars, making the LSE community stronger through student-led activity.


LSE Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund

LSE Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund was established by Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee within the LSE International History Department. The Committee is committed to build an inclusive, equal and diverse community within the LSE and Department by promoting an environment of open dialogue. As a part of its initiative it established a special fund, the EDI Fund, to support events, groups or societies in the Department dedicated to fostering equity, diversity and inclusion in the Department.


British Korean Society

The Society was founded in 1956 to foster friendships between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea. Its primary object is to bring together all those in the UK who are interested in Korean matters. The Society organises a variety of social and cultural events throughout the year. Its events include the Annual General Meeting, Annual Dinner, informal networking events and Korea related talks by authors, diplomats or other speakers of note. The Society also has an outreach programme offering post-graduate bursaries and small grants to organisations or individuals for activities or projects in sympathy with our aims of fostering friendship between the UK and Korea.

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